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  • De: rta
    Data: 09/11/2018
    Visualizações: 14
    At the Artesia Park, the city of Artesia, offered a barbeque to all the people who attended for another community event. It was there that we talked to the council member Ali Taj and one of the cops, Josh Song, who is currently serving this City.
    • De: rta
      Data: 08/21/2018
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      It was on the 4th of July that we had the opportunity to talk to Mayer Sally Flowers and Ali Taj. It was there that the stop and all the events of the 4th of July were held where there were activities for all ages.
      • De: rta
        Data: 05/10/2018
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        • De: rta
          Data: 05/12/2017
          Visualizações: 74
          Want to get updated on the latest projects in the city of Artesia? here is a conversation between the Mayor Ali Taj and Council member Tony Lima.
          • De: rta
            Data: 03/15/2015
            Visualizações: 20
            Continuamos apresentar Imagens do jantar de Carangueijo, um evento que tem acontecido nos últimos anos em Artesia. Conversámos nesta reportagem com alguns presentes tais como Francisco Gaspar e outros.
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