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  • De: rta
    Data: 09/28/2018
    Visualizações: 7
    In the Park of Artesia there was a moment of homage to the victims of September 11 and also to all the victims of terrorism. Mayer Sally Floyers was present and some drives and also several entities of the community.
    • De: rta
      Data: 09/13/2017
      Visualizações: 14
      Mayor and City Council members talking about Artesia today, where we have been, where we are and where we are going to go.
      • De: rta
        Data: 07/28/2017
        Visualizações: 27
        Mayor Ali Taj had Barbara Appleberry and John Lyon as guests on his show....
        • De: rta
          Data: 05/12/2017
          Visualizações: 74
          Want to get updated on the latest projects in the city of Artesia? here is a conversation between the Mayor Ali Taj and Council member Tony Lima.
          • De: rta
            Data: 08/25/2016
            Visualizações: 21
            Radio TV Artesia teve a honra de conversar com o Presidente de Camara na ilha de Kauai no Havaí. Ele é Portugues de terceira geração.
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